How to Use Your 'Why' to Stay Motivated

Updated: Jun 4

What is your ‘why’?

Your 'why' is your reason(s) for learning a language. For example, are you learning business English to advance your career? Are you learning Spanish to bond and communicate with friends or family members? Are you learning French so you can take your dream vacation to Paris?

Whatever your ‘why’, it is important to keep it fresh in your mind to help you stay motivated along your language learning journey, and here’s how:

1. Write it down

Writing it down and making it visible makes it more real. Write it somewhere you can see it everyday, whether it’s on an office whiteboard, in your daily planner or on a post-it on your fridge. Seeing it everyday will keep it fresh in your mind, and keep you motivated to reach your goal.

2. Share it with others

Tell someone, tell everyone that you are learning a language, and why. This is not only a great conversation starter, but by saying it out loud you are once again making your goals more real for you. Speak it into fruition! You may also find others with similar language goals that you can practice, share tips with, or you can find someone to hold you accountable for your goals.

3. Visualize it

Visualize yourself in Paris at a beautiful cafe, charming the locals with your French skills. Picture yourself at a family dinner laughing and having fun only in Spanish, developing a deeper and richer understanding of those around you. Imagine yourself giving a stellar presentation in front of an audience of English speaking business colleagues. Whatever your ‘why’, if you make a habit of visualizing exactly what you want, seeing yourself succeed is a great motivational tool to keep you on track and not forget the big picture.

In Conclusion: Why having a ‘why’ is important:

Your 'why' is what got you interested in the language and culture in the first place. We need a clear goal to keep us grounded and remind us of the great things we want to experience by immersing ourselves in a language and culture. If you find that your progress is slowing, you’re frustrated by a complex grammar rule, you can’t seem to pronounce anything right- remember your ‘why’. Think of your career, your family, your travels and know that you’re one step closer to your goal.

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About the Author

Noelle is an experienced German teacher and coach. After having lived and worked in Germany in 2014, she returned to the US and earned a Second Bachelor of Arts degree in German, from an AATG German Center of Excellence. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation Studies and learning Spanish, French and Russian in her free time. When she is not teaching or traveling, you can find her exploring Texas or spending time with her partner and their two cats.

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