6 Tips to Improve Speaking a Foreign Language

Updated: Jun 4

Here are some things you can do to practice speaking on your own. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become speaking, and the more you will improve.

1. Sing along to music

What's your favorite song in your target language? Learn the lyrics and sing along! This is a great way to have fun and also practice your pronunciation. Plus, looking up and translating lyrics yourself is a great way to learn new vocabulary.

2. Repeat what you hear

Whether you're watching a movie, tv series or the news in your target language, pause and repeat some words or phrases you hear often. You can take this a step further by rewinding and repeating as often as you like to master your accent.

3. Talk to your fur baby

Talk to your pets in your target language! They love you and won't judge you if you make a mistake, so they're a great audience to practice with while learning. This is also a great way to become more comfortable speaking, especially if you're more on the shy side.

4. Talk to yourself

This is an especially great option if time is an issue for your learning. Be time efficient and multi-task by talking to yourself in your target language while you're driving, running errands or doing chores. This is another great way to get comfortable speaking and practice your accent.

5. Record yourself

Keep track of those words or phrases you have the most trouble pronouncing, and record yourself speaking them out loud. Then, listen back to your recordings and compare to a native speaker. This will allow you to self-correct your own accent and get used to hearing yourself speak.

6. Speak slowly and clearly

Whichever way you're trying to get more comfortable speaking, make sure you don't rush. Take the time to slowly and clearly pronounce each word as best you can, so as you improve, it becomes easier to speed things up more accurately.

In Conclusion

There are many activities you can do to practice speaking and pronunciation on your own. What's important is that you do them! Don't get intimidated by not knowing all the vocabulary or rules just yet. The best way to advance in a foreign language is to just start speaking!

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About the Author

Noelle is an experienced German teacher and coach. After having lived and worked in Germany in 2014, she returned to the US and earned a Second Bachelor of Arts degree in German, from an AATG German Center of Excellence. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation Studies and learning Spanish, French and Russian in her free time. When she is not teaching or traveling, you can find her exploring Texas or spending time with her partner and their two cats.

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