5 Simple Things You Can Do to Learn a Language with Social Media

Updated: Jun 4

Social media is a great and quick way we can integrate our target language into our daily lives. Since it's something most of us are in the habit of logging into daily, it only makes sense to start adding social media to our learning routines as well.

Here are simple things you can do to not only find helpful accounts to follow, but also how you can use this content to help you get into the habit of learning every day.

1. Follow education and learning pages for your language

Type "learn" and your target language into the search bar of your favorite social media sites, and you might be surprised how many accounts there are to follow focused on teaching that language. Take this a step further, and do the search in the language itself to find even more immersive content, that also teach in that language without the cushion of any English content.

2. Follow your interests

Look up how to say your hobbies in your target language, and put those in the search bar too. This is a great way to find accounts to follow in your target language, that are centered around topics you like and are already interested in. You can also do this for movie fan pages, video games, and other pop culture content that is shared around the world. By doing this, you'll already be familiar with the topic and learn vocabulary that is more interesting or important to you, so you can discuss the topics that you love.

3. Don't mindlessly scroll

Now that you've followed all of these language and content specific accounts, make sure you don't just scroll past every time. Since these are topics that already interest you, it should be easier to stop and take a few minutes to at least get a general understanding of one of these posts per day. The great things about memes and social media posts is that they are generally pretty short, so this is a great way to add some vocabulary and learning into your day when you're more pressed for time.

4. Read the comments

Even if you commit to reading one comment per day, this is another way to get some quick, short and sweet exposure. The comments are a great place to see the writing of native speakers, and even learn slang and the online acronyms of your target language.

5. Join some groups

There are special interest groups for just about everything on social media. Search for some groups about general language learning, specific for learning your target language or even groups centered around your interests, just in your target language. These groups can be a great way to see what other learners are doing, find and share resources or just practice chatting with native speakers about your favorite topics.

In Conclusion

Social media is a great way to integrate some learning into our day, without even realizing it. When you see a post on a topic that interests you, it creates curiosity and motivation to use your dictionary and really understand that post. Plus, you might just discover a new favorite funny meme in the process.

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About the Author

Noelle is an experienced German teacher and coach. After having lived and worked in Germany in 2014, she returned to the US and earned a Second Bachelor of Arts degree in German, from an AATG German Center of Excellence. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation Studies and learning Spanish, French and Russian in her free time. When she is not teaching or traveling, you can find her exploring Texas or spending time with her partner and their two cats.

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